Buy Seaweed Extract fertilizer

Buy Seaweed Extract fertilizer

Buy Seaweed Extract fertilizer. Seaweed fertilizer for sale (or fertilizer) is buy organic fertilizer made from seaweed that is used in agriculture to increase soil fertility and plant growth. The use of buy seaweed fertilizer dates back to antiquity and has a broad array of benefits for soils. Seaweed Extract fertilizer for sale can be applied in a number of different forms, including refined liquid extracts and dried, pulverized organic material. Through its composition of various bioactive molecules, seaweed functions as a strong soil conditioner, bio-remediator, and biological pest control, with each seaweed phyla offering a various benefits to soil and crop health. These benefits can include increased tolerance to abiotic stressors, improved soil texture and water retention, and reduced occurrence of diseases.

Buy Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer

Witness abundant growth in your garden with seaweed fertilizer. Kelp Green liquid formula is expertly produced for your organic garden or farm. Kelp Green seaweed fertilizer is cold water extracted offering advanced foliar nutrients. Easily nourish healthy plants and improve soil structure. Extend shelf life of fruits, vegetables, and flowers with the best liquid seaweed fertilizer.

  • Increase plant health. Organic fertilizer made from seaweed is a liquid solution that improves plant health and soil nutrients. It enhances plant growth using advanced foliar nutrients and it yields better plant resistance to stress.
  • Cold water extracted for maximum benefits. The liquid fertilizer is naturally processed from kelp extract for sale to increase the nutrients within the solution. Use liquid seaweed foliar spray to increase nutrient and mineral uptake.
  • Sourced from all natural ingredients. Kelp Green liquid fertilizer is an organic solution. No GMOs in the product! The seaweed fertilizer is derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum kelp extract. It is carefully processed from the kelp to maintain a high level of nutrients. It has the OMRI listed seal and is Organic Input Material Registered by CDFA. It is safe for the plants and the surrounding area.
  • Positive environmental benefits. Kelp is a variety of seaweed that makes for an excellent sustainable fertilizer choice. Improve your environmental impact with use of sustainable fertilizers in your garden or farm. Great for the environment! Liquid seaweed fertilizer for vegetables is an excellent product for eco-farming and organic gardening. Yield great results when using as a complement to your feeding program. Nourish healthy plants easily with Kelp Green Seaweed Fertilizer!


Why use Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer?

  • Boost nutrients in soil and plants.
  • Accelerate healthy plant growth.
  • Improve the flavor and aroma of fruits, vegetables, and flowers.
  • Lengthen the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Positive for the environment.
  • Cultivate a healthy and abundant harvest!


What is Seaweed Fertilizer?

Often made from kelp, a variety of seaweed, buy seaweed fertilizer online is a sustainable and nutrient-rich fertilizer for farming. Kelp are large brown algae seaweeds, which grow in underwater forests or kelp forests in shallow oceans. Kelp is commercially produced and is a renewable energy source. Commercial farmers utilize seaweed as a fertilizer to improve the growth and yield of their crop production.

Seaweed fertilizer can be processed into a dry mixture or a liquid solution. Seaweed contains many different minerals, vitamins, and enzymes that are excellent for plant growth. Seaweed fertilizers have been found to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables. It offers many different benefits including fuelling cell growth and increasing plant nutrient uptake. Additionally, it cultivates a stronger plant resistance to stressful conditions such as temperature changes or pests. Seaweed fertilizer is best used as an addition to your plant feeding program.


What is Kelp Green Seaweed Fertilizer made of?

Kelp Green Liquid Fertilizer is expertly formulated with high-quality ingredients. It is derived from Ascophyllum Nodosum Kelp Extract (common cold water seaweed or brown alga).  Liquid seaweed extract is an organic product. It is cold water extracted to ensure advanced foliar nutrients.

  • Guaranteed Analysis 0-0-1
  • Soluble Potash (K2O)…1%

How do I use Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer?

Follow the application guidelines to start cultivating a healthy garden:

  • Use 2.5ml to 5ml per gallon.
  • For optimum results, apply as a foliar spray, through irrigation systems and as a root drench.
  • Apply in conjunction with Pure Protein Dry 15-1-1 for even better results.
  • Apply and store at temperatures between 50ºF and 90ºF (10ºC to 35ºC). Use within 12 months of purchase.
  • Watch your plants grow full and strong!


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