Buy Amino Acid Granular fertilizer

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Buy Amino Acid Granular fertilizer

Buy Amino Acid Granular fertilizer. Amino acids are organic compounds that contain amino functional groups, along with a side chain (R group) specific to each amino acid granular for sale. The elements present in every amino acid are carbon (C), hydrogen (H), oxygen (O), and nitrogen (N) (CHON); in addition sulfur (S) is present in the side chains of cysteine and methionine, and selenium (Se) in the less common amino acid selenocysteine. More than 500 naturally occurring amino acids are known to constitute monomer units of peptides, including proteins, as of 2020 although only 22 appear in the genetic code, 20 of which have their own designated codons and 2 of which have special coding mechanisms: Selenocysteine which is present in all eukaryotes and pyrrolysine which is present in some prokaryotes.

Amino acids are formally named by the IUPAC-IUBMB Joint Commission on Biochemical Nomenclature in terms of the fictitious “neutral” structure shown in the illustration. For example, the systematic name of alanine is 2-aminopropanoic acid, based on the formula CH3−CH(NH2)−COOH. The Commission justified this approach as follows:

Amino Acid Granular fertilizer suppliers / manufacturer’s

We have a wide range and production of Bio- agro products and pesticides, we are offering huge-range of Amino Acid Granular. our product is helping in boosting plant growth and productivity by leaps and bounds. Amino acids granular for sale are the building blocks for protein molecules. as we have known, Different Buy amino acids are required in the body of a plant at different levels. we are the top and high-class supplier and manufacturer of Amino Acid Granular. our client can get the top quality of the product as per the expectation. we are producing 100% quality of amino humate shiny balls, amino acid fertilizer for sale at all china level. the client can also get the bulk order as per the demand. our team and experts also maintain the accuracy of the product. our company also is known as the wholesale supplier in all state of India.

Specification Amino Acid Granular fertilizer

Appearance: Black Dark Brown (Shiny Balls)
Size: 2-4mm
Organic substance: =40%
Humic acid (dry basis):=10%
Amino acid: =25%
Nitrogen : =16%
Potassium(as K2O): =4%
pH: 2.5-5.5
Specification May Vary As per Different lots

Functions of Amino Acid Granular fertilizer

Stimulate seed germination and viability, root respiration, formation and growth.
Produce thicker, greener, and healthier foliage.
Produce more, larger, longer lasting, and more beautiful flowers.
Significantly increase the protein, vitamin, and mineral contents of most fruits and vegetables.
Help retain water soluble inorganic fertilizers in soils releasing them as needed to the growing plants to make soil more fertile and productive.
Increase the water holding capacity of soil helping plants to resist drought.
Reduce fertilizer requirements and increase yields in most crops.
Increase aeration of the soil.


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