Buy Amino acid fertilizer

Buy Amino acid fertilizer

Buy Amino acid fertilizer. Plant Needs FUL-FIL Amino Acids is a soil, foliar and hydroponic fertilizer which is produced after the microbial digestion of deep sea fish emulsion and crustaceans. This fertilizer has a unique profile and concentrates of 17 essential Amino Acids fertilizer for sale which are the building blocks of the proteins and hence essential for plant growth.

Amino acid fertilizer Manufacturers / Suppliers

We are leading manufacturers and suppliers of various kinds of fertilizers like Manure Fertilizer, Chicken Manure, Cow Manure, Sheep Manure, Vermicompost, Organic Granular, Organic NPK Fertilizer, Humic Acid-Humic Acid Fertilizer Granular, Humic Acid Fertilizer powder, Humic Acid Fertilizer Flakes, Amino Acids-Amino Acid Fertilizer Amino Acid Fertilizer Powder Amino acid fertilizers are manufactured either by hydrolysis or enzymatic treatment of animal or plant protein feedstock. Buy Amino acid fertilizers are readily absorbed, transported, and utilized as a source of nitrogen and carbon for plants. This saves the energy expended by the plant to reduce organic matter, synthetic nitrates and ammonia into amino acids. Some amino acids are efficient metal ion chelators which can help with metal ion nutrient uptake and help protect plants from toxic levels of metal ions.

Amino acid fertilizer wholesale price

We have the best prices of wholesale amino acid fertilizer from china. Amino acids also function as biostimulants for plants. As a biostimulant, amino acids can play important roles in enhancing plant productivity, especially under abiotic and biotic stress conditions. These functions combined with the ability to be approved for organic use, makes sustainably produced amino acids a smart choice for growers.

Amino acid fertilizer Specifications

Let’s look a bit deeper into biostimulants. Biostimulants are defined as any substance or microorganism with the aim to enhance nutrition efficiency, abiotic stress tolerance, and/or crop quality traits (du Jardin, P. 2015. Scientia Hortic. 196:3-14.). There are a number of synonyms for biostimulants that date back to the 1950’s (see Yakhin et al. 2016. Front. Plant Sci. 7:249). Today there are many products that are described as biostimulants for plants. They are manufactured from bacteria, fungi, algae, higher plants, animal raw materials, and humate containing materials (Yakhinet al. 2016). du Jardin (2015) lists seven main categories of biostimulants.

Amino acid fertilizer


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