Buy Ammonium sulphate granular

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Buy Ammonium sulphate granular

Buy Ammonium sulphate granular. Ammonium sulphate provides the plant with nitrogen and sulphur at the same time, and due to that enables the plant to have a very high growth and yield.

Buy Ammonium sulphate granular (AS) is a granular or crystalline, in general white nitrogen fertilizer, containing 21,0% nitrogen and 24,0% sulphur. Because AS contains 100% ammonium nitrogen it guarantees a long-term and sustainable nitrogen supply. Furthermore it prevents the nitrogen from being washed out of the soil. In addition, AS supports the availability of secondary nutrients like manganese, iron, and boron in the soil. AS is generated as a by-product from the caprolactam production. Western Europe represents the biggest production region worldwide.

 Ammonium sulphate granular Manufacturers / Suppliers

Granulated ammonium sulfate for sale is a high-quality fertilizer that is traded at higher prices than standard products in crystalline form. The new patented thyssenkrupp process combines the advantages of high-value granular fertilizer with cost-efficient production.

26% N (Dual Nitrogen) – 13% Nitrate and 13% Ammonical other than Nitrogen, it supplies additional 5 elements required for plant growth:

 Ammonium sulphate granular wholesalers

A good nitrogen fertilizer (commonly known as Ammonium fertilizer field powder) is suitable for general soil and crops. It can make branches and leaves grow vigorously, improve fruit quality and yield, and enhance crop resistance to disasters. It can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer and seed fertilizer.

 Ammonium sulphate granular

Ammonium sulphate is a nitrogen fertilizer which is being used either for fertilizer blending operations or for the direct application of Ammonium sulphate by the farmer. HELM is actively marketing different grades and qualities of AS from varying origins in order to provide its customers the best possible product selection through a wide-ranging distribution network around the world.

 Ammonium sulphate granular Applications

It can be widely used in lawns, vegetables, fruits, herbs and crops such as wheat and corn.

Used in textile, leather, medicine and so on.

Mainly used as the raw material of BLENDING NPK.

Specification  Ammonium sulphate granular
Parameter Standard I Standard II
Nitrogen 20.5% min 21% min
Sulfur 23.0% min 24% min
Moisture 1.5% max 0.5% max
Free acid 0.2% max 0.05% max
Size 2-5mm
Appearance White Granular White Crystal
Grade Steel Grade CPL Grade



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